About The Frontier Health Foundation

The Frontier Health Foundation serves to help promote sustainability of the highest quality mental health, addiction and intellectual disabilities services for individuals in our region.

The Frontier Health Foundation is a nonprofit corporation that operates to enhance the ability of Frontier Health to provide the best possible service to the region. Established in 1957, Frontier Health is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization serving more than 50,000 individuals each year by providing behavioral health, mental health, substance abuse, co-occurring, intellectual and developmental disabilities, recovery and vocational rehabilitation services.The Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes.

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  • Wendy was weighed down at work by constant change and isolation. With support, she learned how to talk with her supervisor and manage stress. Wendy began to focus on work, build relationships with co-workers and learned to avoid office gossip. She successfully dealt with changes at work and built positive relationships with her co-workers.

  • Larry was mandated to attend MRT therapy after a DUI conviction. After becoming sober he was referred a second time for using opiates. Larry was finally honest about his battle. He began Suboxone treatment and started working on goals he once believed impossible. Now, he’s paid his fines and court costs, and building his recovery.

  • Abandoned, Sandi never learned to cope even after adoption. In her 20s, her use of drugs nearly destroyed her. Facing incarceration, Sandi placed her children somewhere safe. She accepted treatment in jail and learned to address her fears and how to manage life without drugs. After release, she is free of Meth and legal issues. She conquered her fears and is living successfully.